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Meet The Next Generation of Charging

Like nothing ever before.

Powerful Technology

The most powerful technology, yet. Learn how our tech setup is miles ahead of the rest. 

Completely Compatible

Compatible with all Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB devices. One cable for all your devices

Protect Your Battery

The most intelligent charging system, yet. Our Beast cables are equipped with the latest Qualcomm tech for max protection.

Works Great For Music

Whether you are an Apple or Android user. Our Beast cables will sync all your music with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Change the way you charge your devices.

Like nothing you've ever used before. Our magnetic charge systems ensures a strong connection every time without the wear on your charging port.

Minimize your life now!

A single cable can be used to charge all of your Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB devices.

Signature Smart Intelligence

When the battery charge falls below its minimum voltage level we trickle charge. Trickle charge mode prevents the battery from charging at a high rate when the battery resistance is lowest, and thereby minimizes heat dissipation.